For over 30 years, Yeti Motors Ltd. has been part of the Hyundai Motor Company family. When we initially introduced the Hyundai brand to Zambia in 1989, the brand was largely unknown. The growth of the Hyundai brand in Zambia has paralleled the growth of the Hyundai brand worldwide. Hyundai now operates the world’s largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility and is frequently ranked amongst the best brands in the world (new top 100 brands by Interbrand).
Our dedicated teams have helped Hyundai become one of the most reputable and
recognised vehicle brands in Zambia. Much of our success is a direct result of
understanding that people are the core of any relationship. We take great pride in our
work. We believe in caring not only about our customers, but being receptive to the needs of our community and society at large. Our team is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the auto industry. The passion is reflected in feedback from our community, our partners and, of course, our customers.
We also have a state-of-the-art workshop with diagnostic machinery linked to experts in South Korea.