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Handyman’s Lime

With tremendous focus on supporting the local economy, Handyman’s Lime has created over 400 jobs in Ndola’s Masaiti District.

We examined all technology options for lime kilns across the globe, and secured the most advanced kiln in the world to be operated by one of Europe’s best companies. We look forward to the additional benefits to both Astro Quarries and Handyman’s Lime from their expertise. Producing quicklime in a state-of-the-art Maerz R45 Parallel Flow Regenerative lime kiln ensures the best possible quality. We have the capacity to produce 600 tonnes of highly reactive quick burn lime and available lime.

We take great pride in ensuring that best practices are strictly adhered to. Zero-impact construction and environmental considerations are factored in at every stage. Being a responsible corporate citizen is an essential element of our operations. Partnering with internationally recognised leaders in the industry, we look forward to continued success in our venture while setting new standards in Zambia.