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Since its opening in 1993, Dil Restaurant has been one of Zambia’s most popular restaurants. With guests from across Zambia making a special trip to dine at our Indian restaurant, we are proud to continue to deliver a high level of service. At its inception, it was Zambia’s only Indian restaurant. We value our guests – old and new.

The restaurant has pride in having maintained a high quality of ingredients and standards. All meals are cooked fresh to order which sets us apart from most other Indian restaurants. Our friendly staff have been with us for years and this has allowed our customers to build a relationship with them. Maintaining that connection and a steady service keep our customers coming back for more.

Located in Lusaka’s Ibex Hill, it is close to the U.S. Embassy and is frequently visited by diplomats, expatriates, and local clientele. The restaurant also caters for private and corporate events.