Business Operational Activities

The diversity of our activities is a fundamental part of our business strategy. Our focus has always been to establish a broader base from which to continue expanding in growth areas. Each company we create or acquire must complement and assist our existing activities. Our strategy is simple – we only take on activities that we are genuinely passionate about. Our operations fall into these divisions:


Astro Holdings Ltd. is one of Zambia’s largest and oldest private companies. The group is a large and diversified organisation with a wide and varied operational base. Over the years, we have completed large scale projects and tenders. These include supply and installation of CCTV cameras at all power stations in Zambia, maintenance and upgrade works on Kariba Dam, facilitating the set-up of drilling rigs, supply of power cables and poles.

Our History

We trace our beginnings to 1977 when our first company, Astro Works Ltd, a building and civil engineering company commenced operations. Since then, we have ventured into various sectors including: construction, motor vehicle trade, hardware and steel, hospitality, forwarding and clearing, manufacturing, furniture, property investment and  management, pharmaceuticals, and mining and quarrying.

Our values & Vision

We are a value-driven company with a passion for what we do. Our commitment is to deliver new and innovative locally relevant products and services that make a real difference to the people of Zambia. Our vision goes beyond a product or service – we want to create a better everyday, every day.

Our People

Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to delivering results the right way by operating responsibly, with respect, executing with excellence, applying innovative ideas, and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.

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