Tiye Limited

Tiye Ltd. is a full-service property management company. Based in Lusaka, we offer services across Zambia. We manage all interests of our own and our client, including contractual obligations and maintenance. We have significant experience in high-value residential and commercial property. This includes a state-of-the-art warehouse park in Lusaka. With 6 warehouses over 1,500 square meters and one more under construction.

The warehouse park has the grey structures completed. The skeletal bodies are made of high-grade steel and completed to the highest degree of quality. With this, our innovation and ingenuity, we are able to complete the structures as per the clients’ requirements.

Tiye is also aware of its commitment to sustainability and ensuring the growth of the country in a manner in which does not harm the local habitats for a myriad of species. In our attempt to do this, we have acquired land that is currently being used as a sanctuary and habitat in Kafue National Park. In the future we hope to develop an eco-lodge that is committed to green energy and boosts the need to preserve our abundant wildlife.