Astro Holdings Ltd is one of Zambia's oldest and largest privately held companies.

It is the holding company of a large and diversified leading group of companies in Zambia with a wide and varied operational base.

The inception of the Group goes back to 1977 when the first company in the Group, Astro Works Ltd., a building and civil engineering contracting company commenced operations. Since then the Group has ventured into various sectors namely furniture, motor, steel, construction and hardware, pharmaceuticals amongst others and very recently into mining and quarrying. There are many companies which operate in each sector and each run by professional managers.

For over thirty years the Group has grown in strength and in size. It has developed a reputation of integrity and customer focussed service. The Group employs over 500 permanent employees. Additional employees are brought on an as-need basis for projects.

The Group also recognizes the competitive environment created by globalisation and the changing economical and financial environments. The diversity of our activities is a deliberate and fundamental part of our business strategy. The aim of the Group has always been to establish a broader base from which to continue expanding into areas which would complement and assist our existing operational activities.

We firmly believe that "growth alone is not enough" hence our continued efforts to invest in the recruitment of competent personnel who have a clear understanding of our values, goals and mission and are adaptive to the continuous changing market conditions.

We have faith in our businesses and believe they are run and built on values. It is these beliefs and values that have helped us reach where we are today and we continue to build on those values further.

The Astro Holdings Ltd. Head Office is in Lusaka. We also have offices in Ndola and Kitwe.